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Chapter 5.2 - or medical examiner is another elected...

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;Chapter 5 (cont.) Local: Sheriffs and county law enforcement o County/local officers usually have the authority to apprehend criminal suspects, maintain order, and provide services to the community o Such as responding to noise complaints to investigating homicides. o Sheriffs are elected by members of the community for two-four year terms and paid by a salary set by state or legislature board (except in Hawaii and Rhode Island). Basically a political character. o responsibilities include: Investigating drug crimes, maintaining the county jail, carrying out civil and criminal processes within county lines (such as serving eviction notices and court summons), keeping order in the county courthouse, collecting taxes, and enforcing orders of the court (such as overseeing the sequestration of a jury during a trial) o Don’t confuse sheriff’s for local police o County Coroner
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Unformatted text preview: or medical examiner, is another elected position on the county level. They are there to investigate and report “all sudden, unexplained, unnatural, or suspicious deaths”. • State police and Highway patrols o Created for four reasons: To assist local police agencies, to investigate criminal activities that crossed jurisdictional boundaries, to provide law enforcement in rural and other areas with no local or county police agencies, and to break strikes and control labor movements. o The first statewide police agency was the Texas Rangers (1835) o State Police have statewide jurisdiction and are authorized to perform a wide variety of law enforcement tasks o Highway Patrols have limited authority. They are limited by either their jurisdiction pr by the specific types of offenses they have the authority to control....
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Chapter 5.2 - or medical examiner is another elected...

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