Chapter 12.2

Chapter 12.2 - Home incarceration which requires the...

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Chapter 12 (cont.) Intermediate sanctions o Intensive supervision probation- Punishment-oriented form of probation in which the offender is placed under stricter and more frequent surveillance and control than in conventional probation by probation officers with limited caseloads. o Home confinement- A community-based sanction in which offenders serve their terms of incarceration in their homes. There are three general levels of restriction in home confinement: Curfew , which requires offenders to be in their homes at specific hours each day, usually at night. Home detention, which requires that offenders remain home at all times with exceptions being made for education, employment, counseling, or other specified activities such as the purchase of food or attendance at religious ceremonies.
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Unformatted text preview: Home incarceration, which requires the offender to remain home at all times except for medical emergencies. o Boot camp/Impact incarceration-A variation of shock incarceration. Instead of spending the “shock” period of incarceration in prison or jail, offenders are sent to a boot camp. The programs emphasize strict discipline, manual labor, and physical training. They are designed to instill self-responsibility and self-respect, thereby lessening the chances that they will return to a life of crime. o Drug Court-Those who chose the drug court program come under supervision of a judge who will oversee a mixture of treatment and sanctions designed to cure their addiction. When successfully completed, the court rewards them by dropping all charges against them....
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Chapter 12.2 - Home incarceration which requires the...

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