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Quainat Zaman HW Stat113 M11-149-72: Treating Brain Cancer 1. The probability of a child undergoing surgery and a successful one is 19 % because I multiplied .2 and .95 do find the probability of a successful surgery. WI8-203-114: Governors (but skip Part c, the tree diagram) 1. The probability of a Republican being picked first is 56% and the second one being a Democrat without replacement is 44.8%. The two combined in sequential order is a probability of 25.1% 2. The probability of both being Republicans is 38% 3. The probability of both being from the same party such as Republicans is 38% and for Democrats is 18.85%. The likelihood of this happening is7% 4. The probability of two governors being from different parties is 24.2%.
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Unformatted text preview: WI8-202-113: Class Levels 1. The probability of a junior and senior being picked out is 5.3%. 2. The probabi1ity of two sophomores being picked out is 3.46% 3. The probability of a sophomore and freshman being picked out is 5.7% BM3-365-43: Dishwashers NOT just the answer: how did you get it? 1. The answer from ActivStats says the correct answer is 56%, however, I got 60% because I did .03/.05. WI8-204-123: The Challenger Disaster 1. I am not sure how to do the problem because I dont see anywhere in the problem the probability of a critical item failing other than the fact that there were 748 items in Mission 25, the Challenger....
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