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Staff effectiveness - Adam S Goit OB 321 Tobler How Does...

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Adam S Goit OB 321 Tobler How Does Michael Scott Do It? On the popular TV show, The Office , Michael Scott plays a comical branch manager. He is goofy and incompetent and yet is able to keep his office staff focused and effective. I currently work for the Housing department at Brigham Young University, and our staff is everything except efficient. My manager and I continually have to teach the same topics again and again in our staff meetings. Therefore, I decided to research the fundamentals of what makes staff happy and effective. I had many questions as I began my research. What can we change to make our staff more effective? How can we more adequately train them so they are competent and confident in their roles? What kind of environment should we enforce? Essentially, I began to research to discover how Michael Scott does it. I was interested in uncovering the secret to having more effective staff. Through my research I found that there is no quick solution. On the other hand, the research has many caveats and lessons that are useful in helping staff become more efficient. I learned that having more qualified staff depends upon maintaining their morale, understanding power dynamics, and team building exercises. It is difficult for many employers to allure and retain high quality staff. The competition is fierce. Therefore, it is vital for every firm to have accurate perceptions of the quality of their employers and strive to keep those who add real value. This is much easier stated than actually achieved. “It can sometimes seem that with all the…concern about productivity, cost efficiency, and budget balancing, one of our most valuable resources – human beings – is being neglected” (Crawford, 1990). Indeed, the bottom line and cost structures are the main focus of every
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Staff effectiveness - Adam S Goit OB 321 Tobler How Does...

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