1102 Test 2 Review

1102 Test 2 Review - 1102: Introduction to Anthropology...

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1102: Introduction to Anthropology Review Sheet for Tests Each of the three tests will consist of 45 objective questions (such as matching, multiple choice, and true/ false questions) worth 2 points each and one short essay question worth 10 points each. Test 1 will cover material from the start of the class until Test 1. Test 2 will cover material from Test 1 until Test 2. Test 3 will cover material from Test 2 until Test 3. You need to bring a sheet of white lined paper (8.5X11 in.) on which to write your essay answer. To study for the tests, I suggest that you do the following: Go through each chapter of Kottack assigned for the test (see your syllabus for chapter numbers), noting the terms, which are also listed at the end of the chapter in the “key terms” section. Make a list of these with a short definition for each. (Remember, to keep the exam reasonably short, I’m going to boil most definitions down to one sentence.) Writing these out will help to you memorize them. While you will not have to write out any definitions on the exam, you will have to know them well enough to select the definition from a list of possibilities or write “false” for an incorrect definition. Be sure to note the differences between superficially similar terms. Read through the “Summary” at the end of each chapter to help you decide what information from the chapter is most important. Go through your notes, noting the terms that are repeated in class and in your reading. These terms are considered by your instructor to be more important than terms not mentioned in class and are therefore more likely to be on the exam. Terms in the book that are not mentioned in class are less likely to be on the exam, but may still appear in very low frequencies. Some terms may be brought up by your instructor that are not in the book – these are also important to know.
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1102 Test 2 Review - 1102: Introduction to Anthropology...

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