Ongkas Moka - giving encourages a better attitude towards...

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Devon Talend October 27, 2010 Ongka’s Big Moka As a Big Man, Ongka is respected by his peers because of his motivating speeches along with his efforts to maintain peace. Pigs, a sign of power and control, are often given to Ongka because of his hard work at each Moka. The Kawelka culture emphasizes the importance of giving back when gifted so Ongka’s focus is often on rewarding others with a greater number of pigs than were gifted to him. Giving away these pigs is a way for Ongka to impress others. This is how Ongka has married several women. These Moka events are a gathering of several tribes to give pigs from one tribe to a neighboring tribe. By trying to give more pigs than Ongka’s tribe had received in the previous Moka, tension between tribes is suppressed. Fighting is a problem between tribes, but the gift of
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Unformatted text preview: giving encourages a better attitude towards one another. These good intentions allow the economies of one another to mold together. Surprisingly, there is very little of western society that affects the Moka. Australian dollars are displayed at the Moka, but this is unimportant to individuals like Ongka. A car may be used to transport a person, but Ongka would rather walk with his pigs 3 miles after concluding a Moka. One thing that Ongka did advertise was western society clothing; however, when they were attending a Moka they would dress in their tribal customs. The few occurrences of a western influence would occur on times other than the Moka. A Moka is meant to be a traditional ceremony by the Kawelka and neighboring tribes and encouraged little western influence....
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Ongkas Moka - giving encourages a better attitude towards...

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