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Devon Talend English 1101 Dr. Melissa McLeod September 7, 2010 To Make a Shirt: The Steps to Style There are several methods to make the graphic t-shirts worn every day. Screen printing is an effective and consistent process done by clothing stores across the nation. Because of its few limitations and capability to generate mass amounts of the product, t-shirt companies almost always look to screen print before any other method. Automated screen printing equipment is essential to larger shops; however, it is capable for smaller businesses to imitate the process manually. Screen printing by hand requires knowledge of the process and a little labor, but is a rewarding task to complete. Nonetheless, to begin on a t-shirt the graphic designer creates a logo or text that is going to be printed on to the t-shirt in the end. The logo can be created on a number of softwares such as Corel, Photoshop, and Flexisign. Once the design is made, the parts of the logo that are different colors should be separated. This is because each color is going to have an individual screen. After the sections are grouped according to color, a transparency must be made for each
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Screen Printing - Devon Talend English 1101 Dr Melissa...

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