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Devon Talend English 1101 Dr. Melissa McLeod September 28, 2010 Scrubs: My First Day With an implication of comedy, the hit television show Scrubs successful can explain a life lesson in each episode. Yes, there is main story line with important characters, but even to an individual who does not follow the series a single episode can still be enjoyed. However, the pilot (first) episode of this show was sure to draw in many dedicated viewers. The pilot episode “My First Day” led to the popular nine season series by giving a lesson every individual can relate to. With an efficient use of foreshadowing and humor, this episode explains how with the help of friends, it becomes easier to tackle challenging situations. It is the main character, JD’s, first day working at the Sacred Heart hospital and is quickly recognized that he is nervous. Almost immediately his best friend Turk is introduced. Turk was there for JD in college and in medical school. Turk is also new to this hospital, but is a surgeon opposed to JD’s position as a doctor. This leads to the next introduction of a main character, Elliot. Elliot, although attractive, is often a geek. The nerdiness of Elliot attracts both JD and Turk. This led them to asking the question, “Medical or Surgical?” to Elliot. After her response of “Medical,” JD’s subconscious narrates to tell the audience of his excitement. Finally, he is paged into a room to prove his years of education have paid off. It is at this
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Scrubs - Devon Talend English 1101 Dr. Melissa McLeod...

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