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Devon Talend English 1102 Dr. Melissa McLeod February 10, 2011 Literature Review Advertising has constantly changed around the world throughout the years; however, society may have subconsciously let it evolve into something significantly greater. Many studies in America are trying to show that advertisers are now pushing the limits on how sexually explicit an ad can or cannot be. It is argued that advertising must appeal to popular culture to attract attention, despite its content. Some state that using attractive or arousing actors/actresses in a commercial is becoming too intense for younger viewers and citizens of other cultures. Does society depict what is displayed in advertisements, or does advertising influence the way we run our society? Modern advertising is debatably becoming as sexual and desensitized to exposing the body as the current American generations. In the article "Self-Validation of Cognitive Responses to Advertisements," it states that a consumer’s view of a product is either increased or decreased based on its advertisements alone. The effectiveness of the ad is a determining factor on the viewer’s appeal regardless of the product it is selling. This can become negative in society if the target product is something such as cigarettes, alcohol, and even gambling. By manipulating the consumer to believe that a product will result in hanging out with attractive individuals, they may be persuaded enough by the often false expectations to buy the advertised products when witnessed in the near future.
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Essay 1 - Devon Talend English 1102 Dr. Melissa McLeod...

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