Issue Proposal - reason I chose this topic From a...

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Devon Talend English 1102 Dr. Melissa McLeod January 20, 2011 Issue Proposal With a continuing recession and unemployment rates at the highest percentages in decades, the demand for successful advertising is rapidly increasing. Unexpectedly, advertisements have begun to alter from informing society of a company’s legitimacy, into psychologically twisting images and text to subliminally persuade observers. Has the advertisement business gone too far with manipulating individuals into choosing the advertised company over others? A reason this topic had grabbed my attention is because I hope to major in advertising, but I have also grown up with a heavily advertised environment. This generation is going to be bombarded with advertisements unlike any other. The outcome of so many competing to stand out in the market is going to result in strange and creative ideas. Companies will now compete against one another whether through commercials, posters, or any way possible. The increasing difficulty of making simple, everyday choices such as what brand of cereal to purchase is the
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Unformatted text preview: reason I chose this topic. From a psychological stand point, the stress of advertisement on the average US citizen has increased. It is harder to trust advertisements or the companies they are representing just because of many similar false posters, flyers, etc. Also, the ideas and actions we make may have been influenced by something seen on the car ride home. A psychologist had tested this by planning a route to get an advertiser to the building, and then asked him to create a logo. The sketch from the advertiser was in no way original, because the rerolled video footage had shown that each part of the designed logo was observed on the ride there. Subliminally a lot is taken in by the mind, but the trick in today’s market is to be original. I am unsure of the requirements advertisers must go through before displaying a company’s advertisement throughout cities, and on television....
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Issue Proposal - reason I chose this topic From a...

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