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Devon Talend English 1102 Dr. Melissa McLeod February 10, 2011 Literature Review Advertising has constantly changed throughout the years; however, has it evolved into something completely different? Many studies have tried to prove that advertisers are now attempting to manipulate and psychologically trick consumers into buying a product instead of drawing attention. It is argued that advertising has not changed and marketers continue nudge consumers towards a product, but not “brainwash.” Some state that using specific colors and images only alert the consumer and get their attention while others believe there is a science behind it that will guarantee a consumer to notice. Free will may attempt to interfere with the fact that ads are becoming too persuasive for consumers, but it may truly be more hypnotic than optional. Modern advertising is debatably becoming more of mental trickery than persuasion and this may or may not be negatively affecting consumers. In the article "Self-Validation of Cognitive Responses to Advertisements," it states that a consumer’s view of a product is either increased or decreased based on its advertisements alone. The effectiveness of the ad is a determining factor on the viewer’s appeal regardless of the product it is selling. This can become negative in society if the target product is something such as cigarettes, alcohol, and even gambling. By manipulating the consumer to believe that a product will result in a fun or enjoyable time, they may be persuaded enough by psychological
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tricks to buy such products when witnessed in the near future. These falsely positive views on
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Lit Review - Devon Talend English 1102 Dr. Melissa McLeod...

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