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Devon Talend Survey of US History Dr. Eskew December 2, 2010 America: It’s Rise, Peak, and Downturn Starting with a fresh and inexperienced government after developing the 13 colonies, America’s sole focus was to become a respected nation state. This was not given to us, many factors of America’s progress led to this hegemonic powerhouse. Beginning with only 13 colonies lining the eastern coast of the new land, many Americans wanted the nation to spread west and achieve manifest destiny. This was the goal to obtain land from the Atlantic to the Pacific. Many disagreements came about as America spread west because it was the Indians land that we were taking. Once manifest destiny was achieved, the focus was to unite all of the new states into one nation. At first, each individual state excluded themselves from other states and focused solely on its individual progress. Certain states were doing well while boarding ones did not have the processes to get on track. This required many adjustments such as a federal government, a single currency, and one army to protect the land. Of course, not everything went smoothly for this newborn nation. Events such as the Civil War, arguments towards American’s rights, fights between federal and state government, and several other conflicts were disputed to get where we are today. It was surpassing these problems that helped build and unify our nation. Looking for a new system with freedoms and opportunities, the forefather Americans strived for success both on an individual and national level. This nation was able to rise as from nothing because of the motivation to expand, a determined government, and its hardworking citizens.
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The Industrial Revolution began America’s transition to a corporate nation state. Moving away from farming diverse crops in a plot of land allowed America to grow as a nation economically. Instead, factories and businesses were the future of the nation. By no longer having to handle all the necessities of survival, an individual or group could now produce a specific good to sell among others. It used to consist of every family developing their own amounts of essential foods and goods. Changing completely from the past, detailed work was now the focus as opposed to individuals providing everything themselves. This had raised the
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America Essay - Devon Talend Survey of US History Dr Eskew...

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