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History Notes-wk 4

History Notes-wk 4 - Political Parties o “Jeffersonian...

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History Notes (Week 4) “Original Intent 1777- Thomas Jefferson – “Bill For Establishing Religious Freedom” 1 st Great Awakening - Jon Edwards (New Eng.) George Whitfield (South) o Church of England (Established) o Massachusetts Bay – Congregational Church – Theocracy Jefferson wanted to De-Establish the Church. Jefferson was a deist – belief of god while others can have separate beliefs. o Separation of Church and State. Constitution – A. Hamilton (Sec. of Treasury) o Report on Public Credit – Assumption of Debt. “Continental $ and State Debt” o Report on Manufacturers – Tariffs to raise $ o New National Bank “Necessary and proper clause in constitution.” [Implied] Jefferson opposes the new national bank. o Jefferson – “Strict Interpretation” [Not in Const. so not allowed] 1791 - Washington sides with Hamilton towards National Bank. 1794 – Whiskey Rebellion 1796 – Washington’s Farewell Address – Stay out of Foreign Affairs, Don’t Create
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Unformatted text preview: Political Parties o “Jeffersonian Republicans” – Decentralization, Democratic, Anti-bank o Federalist Party – Pro Bank, Centralization, Limits on Democ. “Washington/Hamilton” • 1796 – John Adams over Hamilton. • 1798 – Alien and Sedition Acts . [To not give citizenship to immigrants or voting rights] • Jefferson – Kentucky Resolution • Madison – Virginia Resolution • Revolution of 1800 – Federalists swept from power • Jefferson becomes 3 rd President. o Triumph of Republican Sentiment • Repeat of Alien and Sedition Acts • VP – Aaron Burr [Federalist] Burr Shot and Killed Hamilton duel [feuds of Burr not being elected • 1808- James Madison 1816- James Monroe •--Virginia Dynasty— • Louisiana Purchase! But constitution did not allow Pres. To buy land...
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History Notes-wk 4 - Political Parties o “Jeffersonian...

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