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History Notes (Week 6) Fremont- Manifest Destiny Laissez Faire Capitalism- Leave us alone. 1862- Legal Tender Act- Paper Bills. 1864- Northern Pacific/Southern Pacific parallel on north to Trans. RR 14 th amendment – claims Africans have rights but does nothing to protect it. o $4 billion into slaves were now void o “No state can deprive person life, liberty, and property w/o due process of law.” Ohio- Bingham / Ny- Roscoe Conklin – wrote 14 th amendment to prevent states from regulating. o Wabash RR, State of Indiana “Corporation =Person”
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Unformatted text preview: • 15 th amendment – rights to vote can’t be denied because of race or previous servitude. o Freedom= Land (Later = Vote) • Anaconda Plan- To strangle the south • British and French didn’t come to South’s aid because the south supports slavery. • 600,000 people die in civil war. o To win war “Lincoln freed the slaves and armed them.” Debois? • Antietam and Gettysburg are the bloodiest battles of the war. o Antietam- Bloodiest day Gettysburg- July 2 nd and 3 rd...
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