History Notes-wk 12 - • Yalta Conference Big 3 major...

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History Notes (Week 12) Post World War Period… US unwilling to take leader role. (taking charge politically) US congress never ratified Wilson idea of the League of Nations Hegemonic- Dominance, 1 power over others, [power geopolitical amoung nation states] New nation-states need raw materials and new markets. Autarchy- Separate development, US proposes the World Capitalist System. Japan attacked Pearl Harbor to get US out of the pacific. Firebombing Raids! Oh no! They burn. 80,000 in Tokyo Secretary of War Henry Stimson – Removed Kyoto from (Atom Bomb) list. o Instead we dropped the bomb on Hiroshima (Aug. 6 th ) and Nagasaki (aug. 9 th ) (to conclude the war in Pacific) A-Bomb Robert Openheimer drops bomb in the desert (Manhattan Project)
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Unformatted text preview: • Yalta Conference Big 3 major allies held meetings (FDR, W. Churchill Brit., and J. Stalin USSR) • Henry Wallace – Assist others in the world, except different cultures. US had an influence Entire world except for USSR, Eastern Europe, and N. Korea by USSR • American Century – (Henry Luce) editor life, time in 1941 • Age of Empire is over- US= world’s policeman. “Pax Americana” o Underdevelopment – Promotes Foreign Aid to grow goods for US to buy. • Henry Wallace- 1942 “Century of the Common Man” VP of FDR 1940 o Proposes self-determination. United Nations. o Replaced by Truman on 1944 because of Truman’s conservative views....
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History Notes-wk 12 - • Yalta Conference Big 3 major...

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