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History Notes-wk 13 - History Notes(Week 13 1945 World...

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(Week 13) 1945- World Capitalist System (Dominated by the US) Rest was the USSR – Bipolar world- Leaders – US: Harry Truman USSR: Joseph Stalin Bolshevism- led by Lenin (Communism) Autarky. Truman saw it as a “Cancer” [Wilson- Cordon Sanitaire] o Isolated the Soviets from the rest of the world. United Nations- deal with international problems. Based from League of Nations (Wilson) o Made to avoid potential war with Atomic Energy. o Rolot Openheimer- invented the Atom Bomb. o US and Soviets deny UN’s attempt to control all atomic weapons and begin a race to Nuclear Warfare. Godless Atheistic International Communist Conspiracy 1946- George Kennan – Containment Telegram. Soviets only understand force o 8000 words from Moscow back to the US 1946- Stalin’s 2 Camp Speech (Peaceful Russia and Hostile West) 1946 – Winston Churchill goes on tour to advertise his book. “Iron Curtain Speech” 1947- Greek Civil War – Turkey (US helped both) sent weapons and aid no soldiers US as world policemen. “Truman Doctrine” America’s goal becomes Containing the USSR from potentially expanding. 1946-47 – Marshall Plan – To solve the dollar gap in Western Europe so they can buy American goods. Dodge Plan- pumps dollars into Japan after WWI to bring back their economy. o
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History Notes-wk 13 - History Notes(Week 13 1945 World...

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