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Study Guide Test 2 - 1. 2. Emancipation Proclamation by...

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1. Fremont- Manifest Destiny Laissez Faire Capitalism- Leave us alone. 1862- Legal Tender Act- Paper Bills. 14 th amendment – claims Africans have rights but does nothing to protect it. Ohio- Bingham / Ny- Roscoe Conklin 15 th amendment – rights to vote can’t be denied because of race or previous servitude. Anaconda Plan- To strangle the south To win war “Lincoln freed the slaves and armed them.” Debois? 2. Emancipation Proclamation by Lincoln- Convinced slaves to have effort for North to win the war. o Black Units – Mass. 54 th (Segregated Unit with White Officers) Redistribution of land (40 acres and a mule) “Sherman’s Special Field Order #15” Freedman’s Bureau – Land being redistributed to freed slaves. Political Reconstruction – (Lincoln) “ Restoration o 13 th -14 th (Blacks are Citizens and have Rights) Amendments Johnson gives pardons out to slaveholders “Black Codes-1865” basically slave codes rewritten with the word Black instead of Slave. Congressional Reconstruction- To promote industrialization Reconstruction Act- military districts in south to rid of black codes. Universal Manhood Suffrage – Every man 21 or above can vote.
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Study Guide Test 2 - 1. 2. Emancipation Proclamation by...

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