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Experience Machine - truly experienced a life more...

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Devon Talend October 28, 2010 The Experience Machine If there were a magic machine that could simulate one’s experiences for long durations of time, I would be willing to become “hooked up.” After discussing with the neurologists my imagined lifestyle for the next two years, it would become much simpler than reality. This decision however, would not be decided because of sheer laziness. Many of the struggles that may occur in reality could be avoided within this machine. Nonetheless, it may take a few undesirable moments in one’s life to enlighten them of the intense joy that can be felt. Still, this machine could simulate a tough time when needed and continue to impress the individual that may be acting out these experiences. It may not be reality, but besides the physical world is it not exactly the same? One would still feel the sensations and excitement desired from reality. As long as one cannot decipher the difference between the machine and the actual world, the machine could encourage many to believe that they had
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Unformatted text preview: truly experienced a life more fulfilling than reality could have provided. It would become a separate argument if during the time one was mentally exposed he or she could construe that the experience was not in fact real. But if we suppose that the machine is capable of enacting moments that seem truer than the most vivid of dreams, it would easily be mistaken as a wonderful reality. The fear of not living a “real life” cannot be a scapegoat from such an invention if there is no distinction between one’s physical and mental state. Because of the “free will” perspective of modern day life this machine could intimidate many, but I see it as a change of pace for those who had been misguided from following the experiences they desire. This “experience machine” would not have to captivate everyone, but could enlighten one with possibilities or even provide a second chance....
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Experience Machine - truly experienced a life more...

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