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Free Will - encourage individuals of their life’s...

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Devon Talend October 14, 2010 Free Will If it could, in fact, be proven that humans do not have free will, I would be full of disappointment. Without the random choices to be selected daily, the human life is nothing more than a sophisticated card game. Once the deck is shuffled, life would be pursued by choices made from, “moral responsibility and a lack of alternative choices.” (Frankfurt p. 414) It would no longer be portrayed as a free mind, but more an instinctive reaction that was meant to happen. The value and uniqueness of the human species would be disproven. Even with limitless intelligence, a lack of free will removes a sense of motivation to stand out. Life is destined to unfold almost predictably when choices are semi predetermined. Free will makes life seem on edge and allows excitement. Without assuming that the choices one makes are free and sporadic, life begins to seem dull. Even if free will can be disproven, it is needed throughout society to
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Unformatted text preview: encourage individuals of their life’s significance. A feeling of mind control is common throughout average individuals. One needs the feeling that they can travel anywhere, anytime, doing anything. This is the key to carrying out an unpredictable lifestyle. Although some may enjoy the security of not having free will, many strive to change up their schedule with having a reason behind it. Free will also provides responsibility for each individual’s actions. Without free will, judicial systems may result in chaos. The individual could not be punished for an action if one does not have the free will to choose what happens. So even if a way to disprove free will is discovered, it is needed in modern human societies. Free will provides the unpredictability, social responsibility, and the healthy perspective on life needed to avoid a disappointment of reality....
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