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GSUFootballGame - by every individual The jersey colors may...

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Devon Talend September 9, 2010 Philosophy Short Paper (Disproving Certainty) Can one be certain that Georgia State’s football team left the field last Thursday victorious? It is possible that fans in the bleachers were dreaming of their team’s win. Although everyone believes that Georgia State won, there is a chance of the game truly being played the following night. Each individual was just in a deep sleep when they envisioned the game. Even if there was a way to be certain about one’s state of mind, the human senses could separate one from reality. The world is perceived differently
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Unformatted text preview: by every individual. The jersey colors may be reversed in another’s eyes. The employee in charge of the scoreboard may enter in false numbers. Word of mouth can always change the truth. In a large game of “telephone,” one person can hear incorrectly and mislead all the others left to hear about the game. Nonetheless, there is a chance that Georgia State did not win the football game played at the Georgia Dome last Thursday....
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