Morals - not obligated to feel guilty It is a false...

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Devon Talend October 14, 2010 Can Morals Be Fact? Yes, right and wrong are only matters of opinion, but the opinions of these morals will vary between cultures. For example, in some cultures private property is nonexistent so the idea of guilt from stealing is not up for discussion. Polygamy is another practice in cultures that can be accepted elsewhere, but in the US it is illegal. Cheating on one’s partner may not be “right” in American culture; however, one cannot be blamed as doing something “wrong” for not following that culture. The difference between right and wrong is only the influenced reaction to something based on cultural or family traditions. If one were to be raised in isolation without human contact, that individual would lack any morals. So, are morals nothing more than generations of a specific culture passing down beliefs and opinions? Morals are sure to provoke conflicts in today’s diverse world. This is shown in the example of the partner cheating on the other with no regrets. The individual who had cheated is
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Unformatted text preview: not obligated to feel guilty. It is a false assumption that others should agree with one’s morals. Few morals may be fully accepted, but this is often a rarity. The fact that a child should be given anesthetic before surgery is most likely to be agreed by everyone. Despite that though, many of the morals are not as easily accepted. It is the differences between groups of people that allow this kind of segregation towards relationships, motives, and morals. Perhaps one would not understand why their partner were to differ from them on a moral level, but with an open mind it can be clear that their opinions are neither right or wrong. From one’s view, cheating on the partner they have chosen to be with is completely unacceptable. Another may believe polygamy is perfectly normal. The terms right and wrong can only be agreed upon on by specific topics, but the gray spaces in between must be persuaded by family and culture....
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Morals - not obligated to feel guilty It is a false...

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