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Devon Talend September 16, 2010 What Did The Behaviorist Say After Sex? Could the sex have been a dream? One may have a mental image of a situation, but that does not mean that it was seen. Dreaming can mislead individuals at any moment. After a night of great sex, one may not confidently believe that this was a true event. The brain is known to plant false events in one’s head on any given night. Although the sex was flawless, the slightest deceiving manor may remain undetected. A successful night can easily be ruined when the truth is shown. A physical action can easily be misled by a mental depiction of a special moment. It is assumed that one will behave to a situation precisely as the other individual would under the same circumstances. This is a common misconception by individuals because a physical action is not sure to bring one to the same mental conclusion. Self- knowledge is inconsistent because of the unstable nature of information one may truly claim about one’s
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Unformatted text preview: self. These inconsistencies are quick to alter the idea of self-observation around and determine that one cannot be sure of their actions. The copy theory can lead to millions of separate views of the world. Even if the original image has not been seen by ones eyes, pictures and songs can provide vivid images or sounds of the idea imagined. Perception of reality is commonly mistaken. Ones mishap is quick to humor another being. So, the responses the behaviorist may have had after sex are numerous, but lead one to ponder on the actions of that behaviorist. Did the sexual actions truly occur? The amount of shame caused from a false accusation of sexual relations with another being may cause immense embarrassment. This is why Skinner leads one to the humor of the phrase, That was great for you. How was it for me?...
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