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Wine or Dine - consumed in traditions such as Thanksgiving...

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Devon Talend November 18, 2010 Wine or Dine? Humans do hold the highest position of the food chain, but does this give us the right to consume any animal we desire? This topic is only raised because we are the unique animals holding morals towards other living beings. Any other animal would carelessly follow instincts and eat when hungry. However, it is morally wrong for us to end the lives of another innocent animal. It is a speciesist assumption that humans are allowed to consume other animals only because we may seem superior and enjoy the results of doing so. Though morbid, it is essentially the same concept to assume that one race is superior to another, so consuming this “inferior race” for the pleasure of the “superior race” should be acceptable. The animals that are being killed for human food were also following their lives day by day with one goal, survival. I am not stating that meat should not be eaten by humans, but the problem is that humans are over consuming meat in today’s society and it is not always to obtain the nutrients to stay healthy. Meat is
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Unformatted text preview: consumed in traditions, such as Thanksgiving, where animals are eaten unnecessarily. Culturally, it has become the norm to have beef, pork, and other animals in the regular diet. We are capable of a healthy diet without the millions of animals being killed every year, but the way we are being raised to eat is surpassing the morals within us. Say humans killed every animal without giving them pain or suffering, should this be morally acceptable. Sadly this is not the case, but if painlessly ending their life is not morally acceptable than neither is killing a plant. Without killing plants or animals, survival is impossible for humans. This argument for human consumption of animals understates the fact that animals are conscious of their surroundings and are able to experience pleasure and joys in life. So humans killing animals for the focus of eating them is morally wrong, despite our culture and developed habits....
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Wine or Dine - consumed in traditions such as Thanksgiving...

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