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Unformatted text preview: Mi Thuy Nguyen BIOL 1120K Catherine Oakley October 13, 2010 Writing Assignment 2 Frank is a 70 year-old mechanic that visited his internist, Dr. Black, because he was experiencing a lingering cough. Dr. Black realized how much weight Frank had lost recently and ordered a chest radiograph as well as CT scan and PET scan. Dr. Black discovered a small nodule located in the upper lobe of Franks right lung and revealed that it was non-small-cell lung cancer. It is also known as squamous cell carcinoma (Seely, 142). Squamous cells are a type of epithelial tissue that line the bronchi and bronchioles of the lung, but more specifically, pseudostratified ciliated columnar line the bronchi and ciliated simple columnar line the bronchioles (Seely, 832). Our lungs are very important because that is where gas exchange between the air we breathe and our blood is taken place. We breathe in oxygen that is carried by our blood, and we breathe out carbon dioxide that is removed from our blood (Seely, 840). According to our Seely textbook, the right lung of the human body has three lobes and the bronchi are connected to all three lobes of the right lung. The bronchi arise from the trachea. The human body also has two lobes in the lung....
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MiNguyenBIOL1120Writingassign2 - Mi Thuy Nguyen BIOL 1120K...

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