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Nguyen 1 Mimi Nguyen BIOL 1120K TA: Catherine Oakley November 2, 2010 Writing Assignment 3 Robert is a 60 year-old male that is suffering from many health issues. He has previously experienced congestive heart failure, peripheral vascular disease, chronic hypertension, and is currently suffering from type-I diabetes. He has respiratory problems that cause him to tire easily. He is a frequent smoker and drinks alcohol very often. He has had many surgical procedures including a cadaveric renal transplant. He also uses insulin injections to manage his blood glucose levels. Robert’s high blood pressure can cause his need for renal transplant due to his heart having to work harder to deliver the same amount of blood. Hypertension is also increasing the pressure put on his blood vessels causing the resistance to increase (Seely, 763). If the glomerulus cannot do its main job, filtration, it will cause fluid to be retained in his tissues. When the kidneys cannot filter wastes properly, Robert’s blood pressure will increase even more. Since Robert is suffering from diabetes, his kidneys are also strained even more because they are already working harder because of his high blood glucose levels. Blood circulates through the kidneys specifically in the glomerulus (Seely, 966). When pressure is increased here, the filtration membrane is going to have to work twice as hard. When the kidneys work overtime, they do not filter as well as they should which leads to fluid staying in tissues causing edema, and this will eventually increase blood pressure even more (Seely, 970). Congestive heart failure is the cause of the blood not being able to pump enough blood to the body’s organs, which could be a cause for his shortness of breath (Seely, 763). With having hypertension, fluid is retained in
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Nguyen 2 the tissues because the kidneys cannot properly filter wastes. This retained fluid causes edema and the blood pressure to increase (Seely, 970). Congestive heart failure is going to take a toll on his respiratory system. Congestive heart failure results when the heart cannot pump enough blood to vital organs and results in poor circulation. When the lungs cannot do their job, they cannot function properly which will lead to problems in gas exchange. With each breath, oxygen enters and goes toward the alveoli and
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MiNguyenWritingAssign3BIOL1120 - Nguyen 1 Mimi Nguyen BIOL...

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