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Lecture Syllabus Bio 1120 Dr. Rebekah Chapman / Dr. Lois Brewer Borek Anatomy and Physiology 11 Office: 282 Petit Science Center Spring 2011 Office phone (404) 413-5420 Lecture room: 101 Petit Science Center Time: 12:00pm -1:15pm email: Office hours MW 10-11:50am OFFICE HOURS Office hours for this class are on M/W from 10-11:50am W/W, Or by appointment. On the day of each scheduled lecture test there are NO office hours. No office hours during final exam week, the semester is over! Note- The course syllabus provides a general plan for the course; deviation may be necessary SUPPLEMENTAL INSTRUCTION This is a service provided by the University for tutoring. I HIGHLY recommend you take advantage of this free tutoring service. TEXT: Required Required textbooks : Seeley, Stephens, Tate, 9 th Ed. Anatomy and Physiology , New York: McGraw- Hill ( 2010). Laboratory manual, pig version, Ross, K. Laboratory Manual for Human Anatomy and Physiology – Fetal Pig Version. New York: McGraw-Hill (2010). Access to a computer: U learn is a web site that provides class notes, study questions and other necessary materials needed for the course. It is important that you be able to access U Learn from the first day of class. PREREQUISITES A high school level biology course with lab. Biology 1110 with a grade of “C” or better. COURSE CONTENT This course, the second in a two-course sequence, examines structures and functions associated with specific organ systems, and functional integration of these systems in homeostatic regulation of the body. The endocrine, cardiovascular, blood, immune, renal, respiratory, reproductive and gastrointestinal systems will be studied. This course provides a broad range of information that is intended to provide the student with the fundamentals required for a medically related career. You will be asked to think critically and integrate information throughout the semester. A series of exams will be given to assess each students understanding of the material. Lecture Format : Lecture will be presenting the basic concepts through the use of diagrams and student query. I have posted lecture notes on ulearn that follow the textbook, you will need to print them and review them before coming to class. I may not always follow the exact order when trying to explain an overall concept and how it fits together with previous material. It will be your responsibility to go through the lecture notes and textbook to re read material and understand details. I have also posted study guide questions that will guide you in concepts that will be tested on. If you understand the questions and class notes (not memorize answers) you should do well on the tests. 1
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Biol%201120%20Spring%202011%20syllabus-1 - Bio 1120- sp...

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