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types of claims handout - less desirable than others They...

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ENGL 1102—Types of claim handout Arguments are composed of at least three parts: claims, supports, and warrants. The claim: The claim answers the question “what are you trying to prove?” Three principal types of claims: claims of fact, claims of value, and claims of policy . i. Claims of fact— Claims of fact assert a condition has existed, exists, or will exist and are based on facts or data that the audience will accept as being objectively verifiable. “The present cocaine epidemic is not unique. From 1885 to the 1920s, cocaine was as widely used as it is today.” “California will experience colder, stormier weather for the next ten years.” “Dogs were extremely valuable to early human settlements.” “Sophia Coppola’s Somewhere portrays the world of actor Johnny Marco as played by Stephen Dorff.” ii. Claims of value— Claims of value attempt to prove that some things are more or
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Unformatted text preview: less desirable than others. They express approval or disapproval of standards of taste or morality. “The Empire State building is an aesthetic failure.” “Dogs are better than cats.” ENGL 1102—Types of claim handout “Sofia Coppola has made ennui the focus of her first four films, including her latest, Somewhere .”—Sean Gandert iii. Claims of policy— Claims of policy identify specific problems and propose solutions to these problems. The expressions such as “should, must, or ought to” usually appear in the statement. “Prisons should be abolished because they are crime-manufacturing concerns.” “The New York City Board of Education should make sure that qualified women appear on any new list of candidates for Chancellor of Education.”...
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types of claims handout - less desirable than others They...

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