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lanre 4 - • Conflict(indicator of newsworthiness...

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Chapter 14: Media & Democracy Medieval English and French societies were highly structured into classes of people called estates. 1 st estate: clergy 2 nd estate: nobility 3 rd estate common people 4 th estate: press (In America the press became known as the fourth branch of government to check on the other branches of government) Equal time Rule: government requirement for stations to offer competing political candidates the same time period and same rate for advertizing Fairness Doctrine: former government requirement that stations air all sides of a public issue Agenda Setting: Media don’t tell people what to think but rather what to think about Media Set the agenda for Civil Right, Watergate & White House Sex Scandal Framing: selecting aspects of a story and choosing what & what not to include and as a result shaping how the audience sees reality Media Obsessions Presidential Coverage: (60% of opening stories feature the President)
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Unformatted text preview: • Conflict: (indicator of newsworthiness; audiences like it; defines & redefines societal values) • Scandals: (build audiences; cater to interest, less interested in issue of significance) • Horse Races: (reporting election polls; whose ahead whose close behind) • Brevity: (47 seconds cut down to 10 seconds) • Sound Bites: world views condensed & packaged; boil down complex issues so they can be understood by masses of people Trial Balloons: (test public reaction) a deliberate leak of a potential policy from political leaders to get an advance peek at public reaction Leak: a deliberate disclosure of confidential of classified information by someone who wants to advance public interest; embrace a bureaucrat Stonewalling: to refuse to answer questions sometimes refusing to even meet with reporters – News Blackout: institution or individual issues no statements despite interest of the public...
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