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lanre 6 - • Broadening Political Expression The 1 st...

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Chapter 16: Media Law       Copyright: protects the ownership right of creative works (creativity is property) can be a financial incentive for creative people to keep creating       Intellectual Law: inventions or creative works covered by patens       Permissions: giving permission for the use of their work for a fee; can sell it, lease it give it away or sit on it       Assignment: transfer of ownership interest in a piece of intellectual property       Piracy: theft of copyright-protected material The fighting words Doctrine: the idea that censorship can be justified against inciting provocation to violence First amendment: Prohibits government interference in free expression, religion, individual & public protest against government policies
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Unformatted text preview: • Broadening Political Expression: The 1 st Amendment protections have been broadened to cover … – Literature – Entertainment – Advertising – Emotive Speech – Hate Speech – Libel: written defamation; writing false of damaging things about someone – Indecency: range of words & depictions improper on public airwaves (Federal Communications Commission) • Communication Decency Act: protecting children from internet • Patriot Act: section 215 Gave federal agents new authority to pre-empt terrorist with no close judicial oversight – receive records from libraries & book stores...
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  • First Amendment to the United States Constitution, Federal Communications Commission, Communication Decency Act

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lanre 6 - • Broadening Political Expression The 1 st...

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