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Lanre Keyede English 1101 Laurah Norton October 28,2010 For Colored Girls …What Ntozake Shange really wrote Many people view the play “For Colored Girls…” as a negative view on men. In the play, none of the male characters speak, which limit’s the readers point of view on the men. Throughout the play, the black women describe situations in which the males mistreated and harmed them. Shange exposed the fact that black women put themselves in these horrible situations with black men because they do not know how to operate properly in relationships. This ignorance was caused and perpetuated by society, and this play brings this injustice into the light to help African-American women to overcome it. This is a very un-popular view on this play, but this is a message that Shange is trying to relay throughout the play. Black women are a universally oppressed culture, and in this play Shange exposes that oppression and shows how they deal with that oppression through the black men. In the U.S., the population of African-American women has been mistreated and under-represented. The reason why many black women wind up single and raising children on their own is because they have no examples of good role models growing up. Shange explains her feelings about the ignorance of black women in this quote, “[T]here’s an enormous ignorance abt women‘s realities in our society. [W]e ourselves suffer from a frightening lack of clarity abt who we are….[W]e must learn our common symbols, preen them and share them with the world” (West,16).Even in black culture women are disrespected and treated as inferiors to men. Black women do not have high self-esteem, they are self-
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lanre 8 - Lanre Keyede English 1101 Laurah Norton October...

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