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hw8 - reservoir with a very slender outlet tube the rate of...

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The University of Michigan Department of Mechanical Engineering ME 320 - Section 1 Homework #8 - Due March 23, 2011 Problem 1: Problems 6.90 and 6.93 of the text. Problem 2: Problems 6.99 and 6.102 of the text. Problem 3: Problems 6.106 and 6.107 of the text. Problem 4: Problems 6.105 and 6.110 of the text. Problem 5: A common type of viscometer for liquids consists of a relatively large
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Unformatted text preview: reservoir with a very slender outlet tube, the rate of outFow being determined by timing the fall in the surface level. If oil of constant density Fows out of the viscometer shown at the rate of 5 × 10-7 m 3 /s , what is the kinematic viscosity of the Fuid? Assume laminar, quasi-steady Fow....
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