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Alan Brinkley, The Unfinished Nation : Study Guide Chapter 20: The Imperial Republic 1. Four developments that “helped shift American attention to lands across the seas” were: the experience of subjugating the Indian tribes had established a precedent for exerting colonial control over dependent peoples; the supposed “closing of the frontier” produced fears that natural resources would soon dwindle; the depression produced that began in 1893 encouraged some businessmen to look for new markets abroad; and, due to the American awareness of the imperialist fever raging through Europe, American feared that their nation would soon be left out of all those potential markets. 2. 19 th century empires differed from those of an earlier period in that they were created not by sending large numbers of migrants to settle and populate news lands, but instead by creating military, political, and business structures that allowed them to dominate from existing populations. 3.
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