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In the first verse of the poem “I dwell in possibility” by Emily Dickinson, the protagonist is hoping for something better in life, like a house that is so big that you can get lost in it. In the second verse the person describes this house, which has lots of rooms, filled with the best cedar and a huge roof that goes on forever and resembles the sky. The last verse talks of the thousands of people that will visit this house: kings, queens, princes, and all the most famous people of royalty will come. When she is opening her arms to everyone is when she gets the big house and visitors she will be in paradise. The poem, “Mother to Son” by Langston Hughes, is literally a message from a mother to her son. She starts telling him about how difficult her own life was. She says that in the places she had been there was no carpet on the floor, meaning that she did not have any luxury in her life. Then she says that, although she had these hard times, she didn’t give up; she kept
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Unformatted text preview: fighting to reach her goals. She concludes by advising him to not set down on the steps, meaning that he should do the same as she did; she tells him not give up in anything in his life, In the poem “The Tyger”, the title is the center point. The tiger looks like fire in the night with his bright burning colors, with his soul piercing eyes, and his body is in perfect symmetry. When you look in his eyes, you wonder what has happened in his past that makes him so fearful . How could God create such a beautiful creature that is so beautiful and eloquent yet have the body of a killer? It makes your heart beat faster and faster as he approaches when he moves without a care in the world because he knows he is the king of the jungle. Only one that wants to end its life shortly would go before him. The men before the tiger have tears in their eyes and throw down their weapons in hope that this godly beast will take mercy on their helpless bodies....
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