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The Madrid protocol

The Madrid protocol - applying the Madrid Protocol system a...

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Sofia Medeiros The Madrid Protocol- For Critical Analysis There are many pros and cons of having an international standard for trademark protection, and seeking for solution to problems relate to it, -such as the significant variance among individual countries of filing fees and procedures for trademark registration- the Madrid Protocol signed by President Bush and other sixty-seven countries was created in order to help solving these kind of issues. Two clear benefits of using the international standard for trademark protection are cost savings and efficiency. For example, in a case that a U.S. trademark owner files separately in each national office, it incurs costs in each country for official filing fees as well as local attorney fees. Obviously, the greater the number of countries in which the trademark owner seeks protection, the greater the fees will be. In the other hand, if
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Unformatted text preview: applying the Madrid Protocol system, a trademark owner filing a Madrid Application pays one fee to one place and has no need to consult a local attorney unless the Application is opposed in a designated country. Therefore the cost is radically reduced as well as the efficience is inproved by reducing the time and effort required by the filing of numerous international registrations. At the same time, although the Madrid Protocol system is a good example of an international standard that can benefit many companies, it is worth nothing that the system may only be cost effective for companies wishing to extend trademark protection to a variety of countries. An U.S. company seeking for trademark protection in only a limited number of countries may find it less expensive to file directly with the national offices....
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