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CHAP 10 11 12 14 - Chapter 10 1- Identify some concerns of...

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Unformatted text preview: Chapter 10 1- Identify some concerns of a Human Resource Manager. Staff training, performance appraisal, rewards, and labor relations. 2- What can give organizations a competitive advantage? Firms can create competitive advantage when they possess or develop resources that are valuable, rare, inimitable, and organized. 3- What is meant by human capital ? The knowledge, skills, and abilities of employees that have economic value. 4- What are the stages of human resource planning ? Planning, programming and evaluating. 5- What is a job specification ? Skills, knowledge, abilities, and other characteristics needed to perform the job. 6- What is a job description? 7- What is an internal mechanism for promoting open job positions ? A job position system, which is a mechanism of advertising open positions, typically on a bulletin board or the companys intranet. 8- What is the greatest advantage associated with external recruiting ? It brings in new blood and can inspire innovation. 9- What method has been found to be the way most job positions get filed? Interview. 10- What is a structured job interview? Selection technique that involves asking all applicants the same questions and comparing their responses to a standardize set of answers. 11- What is a disadvantage of personality test? Some people are hesitant to use it. 12- What are cognitive test ? It measures a range of intellectual abilities, including verbal comprehension and numerical aptitude. 13- What is a performance test? A test in which the test taker performs a sample of the job. 14- Describe criterion-related validity? The degree to which a test actually predicts or correlates with job performance. 15- What is outplacement ? The process of helping people who have been dismissed from the company regain employment elsewhere. 16- What is an employment-at-will ? Laid off. 17- What are some typical guidelines for conducting a termination interview ? Legal concept of that makes it ok for the employer to fire employees for any reason. 18- What act prohibits discrimination based on race, sex, age, color, national origin, and religion. Civil Rights Act of 1964 19- What does the American with Disabilities Act, passed in 1990 prohibition ? You cant discriminate people with disabilities....
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CHAP 10 11 12 14 - Chapter 10 1- Identify some concerns of...

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