Adaptive radiation

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where you get the evol'n of many spp from a common ancestor - Rapid evolutionary change w/in a single lineage. .. and those desc'n spp live in a wide diversity of habitats - OR when one lineage produces many descent spp. .. - New opportunities, changing enviros -- Ecological opportunity & Morphological innovation - Adaptive Radiation One spp doesn't always change at the same pace - Diff features evolve at different rates - Rates of evolutionary change aren't constant ...depending on sel'n factors, other mechs of evol'n. .. Evolved after a finch-like ancestor colonized the islands - All different spp inhabit different enviros - Variety in beak shape, size, diets - Hawaiian honey creepers: diverse lineage of song birds colonization of new habitats Ecological opportunity : availability of new types of resources - When habitats are unoccupied by competitors or resources that become available - Would primates have evolved if dinos didn't go extinct and all the habitats didn't become unoccupied? -
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