Hardy-Weinberg Principle - 17.2b

Hardy-Weinberg Principle - 17.2b - The popn that's not...

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Unformatted text preview: The popn that's not evolving- Aka) no change in allele frequencies - What's the simplest scenario of evolution (or lack thereof): Allele frequencies not changing --> evolution not occurring • Null model : if nothing happens, what will the situation look like? They serve as a measure against what happens if stuff actually changes- Use them to predict what we would see if a factor had an effect/no effect- They're theoretical references - Can use them to measure observations- Hardy Weinberg: Freqs of alleles + genotypes are preserved from gen to gen in pop'ns that are not evolving- HW looks one gene at a time (applied to (possibly multiple) alleles of ONE gene) illustrates how the allele and genotype freqs would stay the same if the population was not evolving- In terms of evolution and HW : specifies conditions when diploid organisms achieve genetic equilibrium (for gene of interest) If conditions are NOT met, (aka, mutations do occur, etc) then it provides evidence for evolution...
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