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Evolutionary changes that result in new spp and taxonomic groups - Macroevolution: Speciation connects micro and macro Speciation: one spp splits into two or more / splitting away from common ancestor - one spp continues to exist and subgroup becomes new spp - Or over time, both become new spp Most specific branch Spp is the fundamental unit of taxonomic classification - Can have huge consequences for human health - Ex) some spp of mosquitos don't drink blood and therefore don't pass on blood-born parasites - Or which predators preferentially prey on specific mosquitos - Mosquito control program: if you choose "predators" in program, should know which spp it acts on - Useful: Each mosquito spp carries different viruses - Distinguishing between different spp: Group of organisms that hold a distinct set of attritbutes. ... Err, okay, way to be vague. - Biological Species Concept: Pop'n (or group of pop'ns) whose members can interbreed and
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Unformatted text preview: produce viable, fertile offspring-Successfully interbreed under natural circumstances , do they encounter e/o, are they interested, and will everything work. ..-According to BSC: can they interbreed-If they can't, then under BSC, they're not the same spp-Reprd on their own-1) asexual -asexual organism: can't look at it "interbreeding"-Anderdiecious orgs - males & hermaphodites -2) alternate modes of reprd- Parthenogenic orgs (involves only females) -3) extinct- Comparing something to extinct spp & fossils-- can't interbreed 4) hybrids- (fertile) Hybrids (occur btw 2 diff spp) - but BSC will say it's same spp-Limitation: only applies to sexually reproducing orgs-Uses: can look at the extent of gene flow btw pop'ns and confirm or refute evolutionary dependence? -What's a species?-Speciation March-12-11 5:17 PM Biology Page 1...
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