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Unformatted text preview: BMW 100, Mammalian Physiology 1 Last Namei Mfirsti Winter. 2011 2nd Midterm Exam LD. #2 February 2:3, 2011 Page 2 l. (l 4 points). Diagram the mechanism by which rubbing the part of your body that received a painful 1’1?" *“" 313:: tbs €390 Ofi'lf’fiptm'fi the amarcnt pathways and the mechanism. T “0"” ‘ fig “flag? + MAM F," A+Fibas 90555;". dimly M ' ~ ' MC rech w l “a; S’l'IM u [afi— ‘ ;a .. 4M ‘ “file an, -—+—:~« a" c teem 0 lC-) W": '. tat J, (gm-£46524": W - mi , CM. 5 Mum (fifll'vlsunc. )o‘l” neuron (7)4" El??? 2. (13 points). Compare the roles of the muscle spindles and golgi tendon organs by pmviding the following information Stimulus: Activity of sensory neurons in resting muscle: (firing or not?) Effect on alpha motor neurons: (excitation or inhibition) » Effect on gamma motor neurons: (5:226itatignoflnhibitian Response counteracts or prevents: decoch L Activation of the gamma. motor neurons causes: 9;. In f/étrs 7%; [lg/raid slang/a “"K" ‘3; "1. w 'ifi:'?‘,!!.‘-: to c::—::,1tinue: SeMs‘i/‘A‘Kf angle—ayflhflqfllh 'n 1 m7 “.4--. 3. (12. points}. In a lab e:“§i":":'3'?i=‘ff‘ E€“"‘f’ fil'i‘fi-i‘ viii? r- 3! phosphorylation and wait until it runs out of ATP. A. List ill. :3:: " 13‘; ; ' \y may hit ‘15,: a. gram “ ' 3pm }H'z;;//;J‘I’Ww},hfim .~ VJ. .iL'T" I‘V‘IFi VI ‘ 7%: Hualmg 51kg Oman“) and 5' 051'» w/ / thJ W/ Sfiw 473$ Ara/ (I g M hee/ H: W 4M 454(6in 5' “gem/x 015:1“;DZWAL] ‘“ “ ’ \f" ' ‘ "' ""=’: '- 1'?" " t 2;} .asf‘iE‘P,..._‘-.tziot‘t‘2t li;-_lit‘.l}Lcd.Listthe ' “"343 53‘“ the thin ind thick filaments: in it. «Amawme ' Vieka ' , u //Ae 4r; power ’49 Amaze fire 30;};(43/75'5fgf lill’N 100. Mammalian Physiology 1 Last Namei Mlfirstim Winter, 2011 2nd Midterm Exam ID. #1 February 25. 2011 Page 3 4. (18 points). Circle to indicate if the following will Increase (T), Decrease (Jr), or No Change (NC) when either the sympathetic or the parasympathetic system are activated (meaning the efi'ects of only that system). Sympathetic Parasympathetic i NC Bronchiole diameter 1‘ NC T Jr NC Heart rate 1‘ NC T @NC Gl motility and secretion .1. NC g T l NC Insulin release from pancreas J, NC V @t NC Pupil size t t NC t G) NC Salivation G) J, NC @i NC Sweating T i @ T i ® Erection of penis 6) Jr NC ®¢ NC Lipid breakdown in adipucytcs T i @ 5. (10 points). Phenylephrine is an al-adrenergic agonist used in nasal sprays to contract arteriolar smooth muscle to treat runny noses. It causes an increase in intracellular Ca++ without changing the membrane potential. List the signal transduction pathway that results in increased Cat 4 after adding plienylcplirinc. \tX adwdm a a? _...7 194ng c.5719 hp»! 34 Smear ——> g I103 arms 2“ release channels in 3R—z—9 é,” ImLO'm-l-v Ljfiopla‘sgt‘ 6. (9 points). A. Draw a normal pacemaker and action potential recorded in a cell of the Sino-Atrial node. 8. TL“; .1;..-.. the response in the Minced} dining sympathetic stimulation. C. What is the voltage dependence of the If channel that generates the pacemaker potentials and. what ' I r. u ,t. a; g. 7, 1!". ion flow; in v.‘.;:':'~ : . 42» M0 The I cm M Na? WM¢PM I?" u ~ (1‘- er clam when Q "(0- N “Am 321%. ca” HIPN 100, Mammalian Physiology I Last Namei " st: Winter, 2011 2nd Midterm Exam ID. #2 February 25, 2011 Page 4 7. (10 points). Digoxin is a drug derived from the foxglove plant Digitalis purpurea. The drug inhibits a specific transporter and is toxic, but at low concentrations it stimulates the contractility of the heart. A. Which transporter does Digoxin inhibit? Na. ,K: Arl— 8.58.. B. How, at low concentrations, does Digoxin increase heart contractility? . Imhbgj. sow aé 'Ht? arr/K ml)! lEISe'j’t-I Lima/[Natl LOW dengue; H4! chug; ‘6 f“ N44», vm dc. N43 Ca M‘hpw‘t S‘o ks: Q'MVI, Mat/LC! W +142 /awi MWC. C4. VJ [pedal In SP and Mara C23” £0 rte/Wee] b SE} We? MK Gr‘PSS-AnclfleJ-IIDOHM 5'“er I Siltovef can/inc L j 8. ('8 points). What stimulates the parathyroid glands to secrete its hormones? A decrease: [at 6/004 What are the effects of parathyroid hormones? S‘i'imdlblc flu releaSep CE.” W CaufltoS/ftat Ln +1, 5 induce! arr-red.le 41% W4“ A! "97 MHZ}! w'I/l foreman: Hindi-344 t 5 What will hap en to a person if the parathyroid glands are damaged or removed during thyroid é surgery? Nil JeralDf) muse/e spams M deW 7"!“ J/[C‘fflowil \g dam“ fie “whirl? of M946 owl dime/e; 9. (ll points). A patient shows the signs and symptoms of cortisol deficiency. Tests show that the target tissues have functional receptors. A. What gland societes cortisol and where in the target cells are the receptors located? The wire W. Raepiurg are in fie nucleus of firjd cal/s ‘43 £1 ll. Indicate the source, names (initials are OK) and the levels (TJ, or normal) of the regulatory ' hormones you expect to find if the problem is primary, or if it is secondary or tertiary to deficiencies in regulatory glands: PRIMARY: C%%@$R¥Fblow) (T RynTtaI-éyflehAu:c @wblew) llormone li CRH 1‘ J! qup'l'lmlahos H J, c i. Acr H J, ACT llpPripi‘rie‘M r 10. (8 points) Draw the electrocardiogram you expect (lead H) in a patient with atrial fibrillation. Indicate the correct letters corresponding to each wave and note any abnormal or missing waves, as well as whfiher the waves will be rhythmic or not in the ECG of this patient. R "P 5 l wis "limcea k If; Jefm/‘wttm 7 44+in ,2. 4"? 15ers . ‘ i Q Rgift’wawfm mtg-i, baa/:1: ’ '0 ‘Huuw— V , . . we 3 £4333 e \ lam m+AvV no W )2 o I ‘1 l ¢ . b7] r‘i ('4 Ian/£35.9ch Au'fcznhy “,C_ ...
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2011 WIN mt key - BMW 100 Mammalian Physiology 1 Last Namei...

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