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Constitution Essay

Constitution Essay - Constitution Document Based Essay M...

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Constitution Document Based Essay Mihir Thakkar Period 3 2/22/10
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During the American Revolutionary War, the newly found United States of America needed a government that would adequately supply the needs of the American people. The Continental Congress approved the Articles of Confederation in November of 1777. i After Ratification, the Articles of Confederation went into effect. This government had a very weak central government and many problems. The Articles of Confederation had poor international trade, poor foreign relations, a weak economy, and Shay’s Rebellion broke out. ii This raised much debate over the Articles of Confederation and whether or not it should be changed. The Articles of Confederation were not working in the United States, because of its weak central government. The states were acting as sovereign states, rather than a whole United States of America. Fifty-five delegates met in Philadelphia for the Constitutional Convention during the months of May-September in 1787. iii These delegates discussed the strength of the Articles of Confederation for five months. They discussed if the Articles needed tweaking, or if a new document was needed. George Washington said that a stronger central government was needed because people need an outside authority to have laws that the people will follow.
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