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Journal 1 - starts to open up bit by bit This is showed in...

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Mihir Thakkar 10/20/10- 4 th period Journal #1 Out of the Dust uses many literary devices to describe many themes throughout the novel. One theme that I think is the most seen is the parent child relationships. Parent child relationships are very important in this novel and it is shown. Billie Jo’s father, Bayard, does not show that he has a very close relationship with his daughter. Billie Jo tries to keep a relationship with her father, but he is not very determined to get to that level for his daughter. Billie Jo’s relationship with her mother was really strong, this is showed when the two are always talked about together and always communicating with each other, something that Billie Jo and her father never really had. After the death of her mother, Billie Jo had to learn to communicate with her father, and her father had to do the same. Bayard does not really talk at all after the death of Ma, and instead keeps everything inside. Slowly as time moves along, he finally
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Unformatted text preview: starts to open up bit by bit. This is showed in Hesse’s writing by having the point of view in the child’s perspective. This helps because you can see the story with the parent child theme. This would not work for Pa and Ma because Ma dies in a tragic death and then Pa does not like to open up much. A major conflict that helps describe this theme is Man vs. Man. When Billie Jo and her father are not communicating, they are only hurting themselves. With this, Hesse tries to teach us about the Parent child relationship and how important it is in life. When Billie Jo and her father start to communicate, most of the problems they have are not there. Bayard starts to find romantic happiness again, loses his cancer, and Billie Jo starts to not hate life again. The parent child relationship is just too good to let go. (340 Words)...
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Journal 1 - starts to open up bit by bit This is showed in...

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