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Journal 4 - This shows that the family did not have much...

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Journal #5 The financial status of the family in Out of the Dust is not very good. The family lives in the Great Depression and in the Great Plains region. This area was probably the most affected during this time period. The Dust Bowl caused many problems for this family and all of the other families that relied on farming for a majority of their family’s income. The Dust Bowl was caused by a great drought in the Midwestern part of the United States. The Dust Bowl was also caused by the people living in that area. These people only relied on farming and used up all of the fertile soil, causing the agriculture to fail. The author does not go to a high degree about the economy of the main family. She does talk about the father using up all of the emergency money to get drunk instead of paying for his wife’s medical needs.
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Unformatted text preview: This shows that the family did not have much money and that the economy was not doing so well. When Billie Jo’s friend moves to California, I saw a connection to the economy. When Livie’s family moves, they move for financial reasons. Oklahoma was not working for the family and they had to move to California, as many other families did during this time. The family needed safe and secure jobs for themselves. This shows what times were like during the Dust Bowl and the Great Depression, not exactly in a good way. Although Hesse does not emphasize the importance of economy, it was very important in the plot development of the story, and to the character development. (272 Words)...
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Journal 4 - This shows that the family did not have much...

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