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journals - both of them start communicating The novel says...

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Journal #3 In Out of the Dust, the environment plays an important role in the plot of the novel. The setting of this novel is during the Dust Bowl and in the Great Plains region. During this time, many farms across this area were not doing so well. The drought brought starvation across the entire area, and this is shown in the first verse of the book. Billie Jo says that she is like her father, skinny and brittle. The characters are also affected by the setting. In the region that the novel is set, most people are farmers, and own farms, just as the main family does. Also, the father wanted a boy, this was to help him out on the farm. The main theme of the novel is forgiveness. The setting of the book emphasizes forgiveness because to be able to survive in that horrible area, during that time, holding grudges would not help anyone. By forgiving her father, Billie Jo helps her father cope with the loss of Ma and helps
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Unformatted text preview: both of them start communicating. The novel says that man’s relationship with nature is a major conflict. Man’s relation with nature has always been a rough patch in human history. Natural disasters, droughts, and others have plagued mankind for years. For this specific situation, the drought that caused the Dust Bowl had a huge impact on the story, the crazy drought affected the family mentally and physically. The drought obviously hurt the farm of the family, but the drought took a terrible toll on the mental aspect of the family. After the death of the mother, Billie Jo and her father would not speak to each other, not only because of the death but also because the environment has terrible. The family was not making much money, and Pa went out and got drunk, causing the family to lose most of their money. (315 Words)...
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journals - both of them start communicating The novel says...

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