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Uganda’s position on the situation in Somalia is that Uganda feels they should try to help the  Somali Government in trying to solve their problem. Uganda doesn’t have the best economy or  the best military, but we strongly believe that this needs to stop. The government shouldn’t be  held responsible for the pirates, but they aren’t doing anything about the civilians that break the  law. Other countries such as the United States are left to try and solve this case. Uganda is very reliant on Kenya and other neighbors for trade. We are trying to become a  developed country by using our natural resources to tap into international trade markets.  Because of this alliance with Kenya, we are with them on this topic. We believe that every 
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Unformatted text preview: country should try to do what Kenya is doing. Kenya should be a role model because they are one of the only countries that has taken over 100 Somalis and put them in Kenyan prisons, including some French caught Somalis. Uganda is in complete favor of Kenya’s actions. Uganda is also trying to help the Somali Government solve its civil war; Uganda has 700 troops that are specialized in peace keeping in Somalia. We are on standby currently because we don’t wavt to be alon in battle. Uganda, as an African country, knows the “African Way.” Unlike other western countries who act like they know everything....
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