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12/19/10, Pages 1-50 In this section of Supercapitalism , Richard B. Reich describes the definition of supercapitalism. He says that supercapitalism is when the large firms of our nation become more innovative and competitive. The first section of this book is called The Not Quite Golden Age . Reich talks about how democracy and capitalism came together when America was still a young country. He talks about the way that these huge corporations grew and eventually led to a global economy. He gives great facts to show the way that the economy has grown since the birth of capitalism and democracy coming together. In this section, Reich showed me the way that democracy and capitalism were meant to be together and work perfectly. But throughout this chapter he shows that in the real world, they did not go as well together as they were supposed to. Starting in the 1880s large companies began to start showing up and started mass producing items to make these items cheaper for the middle class person. He showed that because of democracy, this was able to happen. If this were even tried in a communist country, it would have been immediately closed because these countries have laws against this. This just showed that capitalism and democracy were to go hand in hand. But then Reich says that under John F. Kennedy’s presidency, a bill was being pushed through Congress that would stop big corporations like Wal-Mart to be able to keep low prices, by having all consumer markets have the same prices for the same items. The next section is entitled The Road to Supercapitalism , so I am looking forward to see how Reich writes about America’s road to supercapitalism. (281 Words)
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winter - 12/19/10, Pages 1-50 In this section of...

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