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Here we have our analysts report for our team for the 6 rounds. As you can see, we never took out any emergency loans. We ended the competition strong and earned the most points in round 6. Our cumulative point is 726 points. Looking at the graphs for the last round, we had the best margins, market share, forecasting, and customer satisfaction compared to our other rounds. Were it not for the slight issues in Round 2, we would have seen much better numbers. Here is the balance scorecard. Looking at the numbers for Round 6, we had a relatively strong financial structure as well as customer focus. Have a strong customer focus is important because it is the leading indicator of how well a business can do in the future. Where we could improve in is the Learning and Growth and the Internal Business Process areas. The reason for the lower numbers
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Unformatted text preview: in the Learning and Growth is due to the fact that we weren’t offered the option of having a TQM. We could have also utilized our plant and sold off more idle assets, but we were strategizing to compete for the long run. Next is the Round Analysis for Round 6. As you can see, we are the only team to have 5 stars for Round 6. We hold 21 total stars tied for 1 st and we have never earned less than 3 stars in any round. Other indicators for performance that should be taken into consideration is how we compare to other competitors in the sensor industry. Looking at our numbers, we have the highest in market share and customer satisfaction. We ended the competition as an overall strong competitor with the 2 nd most cumulative points....
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