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Technology Impact 1 Technology Impact TEC/401 University of Phoenix Tuesday September 18, 2007 Justin Grunigen
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Technology Impact 2 Technology Impact Technology is one thing that will never cease to expand, improve, or develop. One down fall is that everyone is not technically literate, and it seems it always takes longer than expected to train employees how to handle the new technology. With that in mind, if it is this difficult to train employees, how are the customers going to react (someone with little to no training)? How do we ensure customers are aware of the benefits, and are willing to learn in order to make the new technology or product successful? “No doubt that there are different ways of approaching different customers, which will allow us to better serve their needs (Freed, 2004).” Winn Dixie has introduced a new technology in order to better control and track the shirk (loss) from perishable departments. They have also been updating and improving their customer website, along with developing a brand new Winn Dixie product label. Some of the topics I will be discussing are how Winn Dixie introduced the new product to customers, ways that added value due to the way the new technology was proven, an outline support plan for customers who may have questions, and how Winn Dixie emphasizes new partnerships with technology partners and enhanced customer experiences. “Probably the most profound impact on the workplace over the next few decades will be the impact of the Internet and other networking technologies (Regan and O'Connor, 2002).” There are four ways Winn Dixie used to introduce their new products to the customers: direct mail, associates, store signage, and the internet. With the direct
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Technology Impact - Technology Impact 1 Technology Impact...

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