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Technology and Management Functions[Graded]

Technology and Management Functions[Graded] - Technology...

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Technology and Management 1 Technology and Management Functions TEC/401 University of Phoenix Justin Grunigen August 28, 2007
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Technology and Management 2 Technology and Management Functions I am currently an assistant market manager with Winn-Dixie stores Inc. Earlier this year our company emerged from chapter 11 bankruptcy. Due to this absolute need to improve the business, shrink/loss, and the bottom line, we are continually looking for ways to improve business procedures and inventory tracking systems. Since coming out of bankruptcy, Winn Dixie has been steadily increasing their profits and clientele; shrink however, is still our number one concern. “The impacts of new technological breakthroughs-and their unexpected consequences-continue to play a major role in shaping the way we work and manage our institutions (Centron, Davies, 2005).” Based on personal experiences and observations, I will be discussing how the management team at Winn-Dixie is utilizing new technologies, and how they expect this to improve the business. I will also be discussing how our current technology is only partially meeting our business needs. “New technologies are surpassing the previous state of the art in all fields, and technological obsolescence is accelerating (Centron, Davies, 2005).” During the first week of the new fiscal year (week of July 4 th ), Winn-Dixie introduced a new course of action for markdowns and discards. Doing so, a majority of the paperwork required from each department was eliminated. This process was
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