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Group Rewards Presentation

Group Rewards Presentation - barriers completing training...

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Group Rewards Presentation (due Week Five) Consider the readings and assignments you have completed for this course, and design an appropriate reward system based on team dynamics and results for a given workplace. Rewards may be tangible and/or intangible. Each team will provide a 12-15-slide PowerPoint presentation with presenter's notes which cover each of the following: Define the workplace situation for which the reward system will work. Explain how rewards are earned. Explain how the rewards system should be implemented and managed. Describe what the rewards are. Describe how the rewards system was conceptualized. Describe how the rewards system takes into account the dynamics and performance of all the members of a team in the selected workplace. In closing, teams should explain how the principles used in designing this reward would apply to other situations. Plaques of Recognition a. Anytime excellence is achieved, overcoming major
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Unformatted text preview: barriers, completing training, class, degree, goals, etc. b. Doing what is expected plus a little more. Seeking and taking advantage of new opportunities. c. hold a meeting after selecting appropriate first candidate and announce his/her achievement and plaque. Also add this will continue to be the norm (publicly awarding excellence). d. A plaque with a name and job title recognizing an achievement or completion of goals. Personal recognition e. build intrinsic motivation. That sense of meaningfulness, choice, progress. f. equal opportunity, diff. opportunities for various departments . g. OTHER SITUATIONS… OTHER SITUATIONS: Improves overall morale and attitude which has the potential to affect anywhere. Increases productivity Increases collaboration Without giving everyone an equal opportunity to earn rewards, group morale deteriorates...
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Group Rewards Presentation - barriers completing training...

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