Reading Response Homeless by Anna QuindlenMIKHAEL BOEDHI

Reading Response Homeless by Anna QuindlenMIKHAEL BOEDHI -...

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Reading Response Homeless by Anna Quindlen MIKHAEL BOEDHI-TJAHJONO Reading Anna Quindlen article seems quite hard. She uses two or three allusions in most paragraphs she wrote. All of them are rich in details and supports. By using these allusions makes her points have stronger meaning. While doing this story on homeless people, Quindlen meets Ann, a woman who claims she is just passing through and who pulls photographs to prove it. These photos don’t contain people but an everywhere yellow house, neither suburban nor city, and even though Ann’s coat and bag were worn badly. Quindlen knows what Ann is trying to tell her: “You are where you live. She was somebody”. Quindlen focuses more on the details than the big picture and upset that so many people don’t have a place to live. She’s not talking about places to keep warm and dry but “Home is where the heart is”. Furthermore, we move on to something even worse, where children who don’t know what a home means because they have never had one and to adults who no longer have a room
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Unformatted text preview: for their privacy. But then people find it curious that some people would rather sleep on the benches rather to go to a shelter. And make their own home by just getting some food and a place to sleep. Thus, this problem is just keep on getting more and more because the financial condition that doesnt go well. There are many shelters were the homeless can go to get out of the cold and sleep on a cot instead of a bench or the hard ground, but families sometimes find it dangerous to sleep there in fear that the few possessions that they do own will be stolen. We should make these places safer for the homeless, and set up programs within these shelters that will help the homeless find jobs and homes. Homelessness is a big problem in our country today, but there are very few programs set up to help them. We all need to work together to help those less fortunate because you would want someone to help you if you were in that position, so we should do our best to help them....
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Reading Response Homeless by Anna QuindlenMIKHAEL BOEDHI -...

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